US Real Estate Owned by Investors

U.S. Real Estate: A 24% Problem “…24% of U.S. single family homes are owned by investors.” A big reason that U.S. home prices have skyrocketed is that big investors like corporations did a lot of buying. As a headline noted nearly two years ago (Feb. 16, 2022): Real Estate Investors Are Buying a Record READ MORE

Report on Commodities

As Geopolitical Fires Obscure Commodities’ Path, This FREE Report Illuminates It! Crisis, crisis everywhere. But objective, free from the noise of the news, forecasting of commodity prices starts here, with our free Special Report ($155 value). The geopolitical landscape is wracked. War in Ukraine, humanitarian crisis in Syria, and now, what Vox Media on October READ MORE

Mom and Pop Rushes in

Investing: What You Can Learn from Mom and Pop “The highest commitment to stocks since the record levels of early 2000” We all love Mom and Pop and cherish the valuable lessons about life they’ve given us along the way. Yet, when it comes to investing, Mom and Pop may need to learn some lessons READ MORE

Bear Market Leader

“Bear Market Leader”? Here’s a Prime Candidate This stock market sector has failed to recover since the Dow’s Q1 correction As you may know, in every bull or bear market, some stocks or sector lead while others follow. So, the “leadership” in the stock market works both ways — in uptrends and down. The rally READ MORE

Seasonal Tendencies

Stocks: Keep This in Mind About Seasonal Tendencies “In 1987 and 2000, the month of August presented a great chance to sell stocks” Many investors know that some time periods of the year tend to be more bullish for stocks, like the holiday season. Other times tend to be more bearish, like September and October. READ MORE

Earnings Season

Here’s What You Need to Know About Earnings Season Investing based on earnings “is akin to driving down the highway looking only in the rearview mirror” Many investors and financial journalists believe that corporate earnings play a substantial role in driving stock market prices. This headline from a few months ago captures the traditional thinking READ MORE

Insiders Selling

Pay Attention to This Group of Investors (They Know More) The stock market actions of corporate insiders is revealing It stands to reason that executives of a corporation know more about the goings-on of their business than outsiders. So, it’s wise to pay attention to their stock market actions regarding their own shares. Yes, the READ MORE

Platinum Selloff

Platinum’s May-June Selloff: When the “Fundamental” Chips Fall In May, a “record supply deficit” should’ve sent platinum prices soaring. So much for the best laid “fundamental” plans. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what value “fundamentals” serve in navigating financial markets, well… let’s just say I could’ve retired to the READ MORE

How Major Financial Trends End

Robert Prechter Interview for the Ages: Quick Takes on Big Financial Trends ‘That’s not even the craziest indicator on this chart. Look at the bottom graph.’ Robert Prechter’s June 23 interview with, which is under 15 minutes, covers a variety of financial topics. They include stocks with an emphasis on the technology sector (including READ MORE

100x Increase in Interest Rates

This Trend Is Up a Whopping 10,240% Since March 2021 How millionaires are handling financial uncertainty On March 1, 2021, the 6 Month Treasury Bill Rate was a measly 0.05%. The March 2021 Elliott Wave Theorist, a monthly Elliott Wave International publication which covers major financial and social trends, said: If the rise in interest READ MORE

Intimidating Bond Market

Want to “Intimidate Everybody”? Be a Bond Market Back in October 2021, we showed subscribers a chart of the “Bond Universe” — ALL bonds, from around the world, in ONE chart. Since then, as yields spiked and prices fell, the bond market has indeed been “intimidating everybody.” Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Murray READ MORE

Recession May Foil Expectations

Why a U.S. Recession May Foil Economists’ Expectations “Many classic indicators of a recession are exactly where they were at the…” You may have heard that Germany has slipped into a recession. What you may not have heard is, the German government anticipated an economic uptick in Q1, not a slide. Reality failing to meet READ MORE

Pension Fund Crisis

Is a Pension Fund Crisis Next? “U.S. pension funds are on the brink of implosion” Did you get a heads-up from the financial media that the U.S. banking system was vulnerable before the failures of Silicon Valley, Signature and First Republic banks? There may have been outlier articles here and there but no real warnings. READ MORE

Your Bank: Early Warning

Your Bank: “Use This as an Early Warning Signal” First Republic Bank “customers had pulled $100 billion in deposits in the first quarter” More dramatic news on the banking front. On April 25, investors in the shares of First Republic Bank were hit hard (The New York Times): First Republic Bank Enters New Free Fall READ MORE