Most Miss Market Turns

Why Most Investors Are “Doomed” to Miss Major Market Turns “The arrows show how conventional futurists approach forecasting” The reason why most investors miss key turns in financial markets is that they linearly extrapolate a trend into the future. If a market is going down, these investors expect that market to continue to go down READ MORE

NFT Crash

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Another Financial “Fumble” NFTs have taken “a round trip to nowhere” Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady is a non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiast. However, glory on the football field has not translated to this field of finance (Business Insider, August 8): Tom Brady bought a Bored Ape NFT for $430,000 in April. READ MORE

Foreign Interest Peaks in Housing

The Final Act BEFORE a Housing Bubble Bursts Here’s a time-tested indicator of trend turns in financial markets Financial history shows that feverish foreign buying of a financial asset usually marks the end of that asset’s upward trend. The reason why is that foreign buyers tend to enthusiastically jump on a trend after it’s already READ MORE

Euro is on Sale

Europe On Sale: Get It While U Can On July 13 and 14, the euro and the U.S. dollar briefly traded at parity — for the first time in 20 years. Just 19 months ago, EURUSD was at $1.2350. It’s quietly dropped 20%+ since. Quietly? Yeah, because of all the other fireworks in the market READ MORE

IPO will Disappear

Here’s Why IPOs Will Likely Dwindle to Near Zero “The IPO market is fizzling” Financial activity is usually abuzz during times of financial optimism, such as the issuance of initial public offerings (IPOs). An IPO means that a company is transitioning from private to public ownership. The process involves selling shares to the public for READ MORE

Dow Industrials 8 Wave Cycle

The Dow Industrials’ Big 8-Wave Cycle is Incomplete “We finally understand our full Elliott wave position” The Wave Principle’s basic pattern includes five waves in the direction of the larger trend, followed by three corrective waves, as illustrated in both bull and bear markets below: Keep in mind that the stock market is a fractal, READ MORE

Netflix Crash

Another One Bites the Dust – The Deflation of Netflix Bubbles are popping, one by one. The share price of Netflix plummeted last week, coinciding with news that it is losing subscribers, a big change after years of growth. The media and conventional analysts will, of course, link the cause of the share price decline READ MORE

Does Supply and Demand Dictate Oil Price?

Oil at $130: Look Beyond Supply and Demand “War” is the answer that only gets you so far Most everyone knows that oil and gasoline prices have been soaring, and this steady climb started well before the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The upward trend began in April 2020, when oil prices briefly went negative, and it’s continued READ MORE

FDIC Guarantee?

The Stunning Truth About the FDIC and Your Bank Deposits Why you can’t rely on the FDIC if another financial crisis hits and your bank goes under. Millions of U.S. bank depositors feel safe in the knowledge that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will protect their accounts, even if their bank goes under. Yes, it’s READ MORE

Sign of a Major Top: M&A

M&As: Beware of This Major Sign of a Stock Market Top Here’s what often precedes “prolonged and devastating bear markets” Inside the three publications that comprise Elliott Wave International’s flagship Financial Forecast Service, Elliott Wave International recently documented the many expressions of “financial optimism.” Things like crypto mania. Or meme stocks. Or just buying any READ MORE

Nasdaq New Lows?

Insights into a “Remarkable” NASDAQ Development Here’s what usually happens in the stock market when “the troops abandon the generals” You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Appearances can be deceiving.” In other words, it’s usually wise to “take a closer look” because the truth may not be obvious. This applies to various circumstances of life — READ MORE

Did the Crypto Bubble Pop?

Has Crypto-Mania Finally Run Its Course? Here’s a high-profile parallel between tech- and crypto-mania When a company that’s part of a major financial trend buys the naming rights to a professional sports stadium or arena, watch out! History suggests that such a prominent move might be a sign that the fortunes of that company are READ MORE

Junk Bonds Signal Trouble

Junk Bonds Are Sending a Signal to Stock Investors Something happened just before the historic 2007 stock market top — and it’s happening again. It’s generally known that stocks are risky. It all hinges on how “hungry” investors are. So, if investors’ appetite for risk starts to diminish, it stands to reason that this is READ MORE