Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Property Prices: Why the Decline May Have Just Started This index has already retreated 20% since May 2022 The major bust in property prices 15 to 20 years ago started with the residential real estate market. This time, the commercial real estate market may have taken the lead. Here are some recent headlines: [“Shark READ MORE

US Real Estate Owned by Investors

U.S. Real Estate: A 24% Problem “…24% of U.S. single family homes are owned by investors.” A big reason that U.S. home prices have skyrocketed is that big investors like corporations did a lot of buying. As a headline noted nearly two years ago (Feb. 16, 2022): Real Estate Investors Are Buying a Record READ MORE

Foreign Interest Peaks in Housing

The Final Act BEFORE a Housing Bubble Bursts Here’s a time-tested indicator of trend turns in financial markets Financial history shows that feverish foreign buying of a financial asset usually marks the end of that asset’s upward trend. The reason why is that foreign buyers tend to enthusiastically jump on a trend after it’s already READ MORE