Financial Crisis

Why Your Bank Deposits May Be at Risk
Another financial crisis will bring widespread bank failures

December 8, 2015

Elliott Wave International’s July issue of The Elliott Wave Theorist reminds us why bank depositors need to prepare for the worst before a nation’s financial system is gripped by crisis:

You can’t wait until a monetary system collapses to protect your wealth. Just ask the Greeks. One day they were free to access all their savings at banks, and the next day the banks’ doors were closed. Depositors’ only relief was a dispensation allowing depositors to withdraw up to 60 euros a day.

You may be tempted to think that such a situation is unlikely to occur in Europe’s advanced economies like France, Great Britain and Germany.But another severe economic downturn could bring historic bank failures.

Why? Because the banking system never fully recovered from the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

Here’s a chart of three of Europe’s largest banks:

You can see that the stock prices of all three banks continue to languish.

Here are some recent news items about major European banks:

  • Standard Chartered Bank plans to cut 15,000 jobs and “reported a pretax loss of $139 million in the third quarter.” — (New York Times, Nov. 3)
  • “Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, Britain’s biggest government-owned lender, said profit fell by more than half in the third-quarter.” — (Bloomberg, Oct. 30)
  • “Deutsche Bank to shed 35,000 jobs, exit 10 countries” — (CNBC, Oct. 29)
  • “Pre-tax earnings at Credit Suisse’s private banking and wealth management unit plunged 31%.” — (The Guardian, Oct. 21)

In the U.S., Reuters reports that the falling value of loans to junk-rated companies could be a negative factor in fourth-quarter earnings for banks.

Bankers must also grapple with the high cost of onerous regulations and huge fines imposed by the government.

In 2014 alone, U.S. and European banks paid nearly $65 billion in penalties and fines, about 40% greater than 2013, according to the Wall Street Journal. Billions in bank fines have continued into 2015.

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Financial Crisis – Fundamental Causes

If you’re even remotely worried about what the government is doing to combat the financial crisis, please continue reading.

When I watched the free 30-minute video I’m about to share with you, its insights and independent thinking took me aback. It was so compelling that I’m now eager to share it with you.

In December 2008, our friend the famed financial analyst Robert Prechter, Jr., spoke before his state legislature. The House and Senate Economic Committee had invited him to give his unique outlook on real estate, financial markets and the economy and to share with them his ideas for what – if anything – a governing body should and shouldn’t do to make its state a more attractive place in which to live.

Since then, the video – complete with Prechter’s eye-opening charts – has been passed from friend to friend and has also reached some very influential people – perhaps even in your state government.

Prechter’s insights are anything but conventional; in truth, some could be considered downright radical. But, as Prechter says in the presentation you’re about to watch: Today’s environment is anything but typical. An atypical problem calls for atypical solutions.

If you believe the government might be trying to do too much, but you’re concerned that doing nothing at all is also a flawed approach, you should watch this insightful video right away.

If you agree with Prechter’s insights, go one step further – pass them on.

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Understand the Investing Environment

To time the market, you must understand what is going on. Here is some eye opening dose of reality.

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  • In an economic depression, will pension funds keep most retired Americans afloat?
  • Who really benefits when the government props up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and what’s the fraud behind the idea of “too important” to fail?
  • Who does the government consider to be homeowners: you and your neighbors, or the banks that hold the deeds?
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  • Can the Fed keep making loans to banks forever?
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What is an individual to do?

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