New York Art Auctions Send a Hint

What New York City’s Art Auctions Tell You About the Stock Market — and Social Mood The fall and spring auctions in New York City are the art market’s bellwether sales events. And according to The New York Times, the results from the City’s spring art auction season “tell a story of a masterpiece market READ MORE

Record Extreme in Stocks

Stocks: What This “Record Extreme” May Be Signaling “The total easily exceeds the prior net long extreme” When most everyone agrees on the future trend of a market, it’s almost guaranteed that the market will go in the other direction — sooner rather than later. The reason why is that there is no one left READ MORE

Report on Commodities

As Geopolitical Fires Obscure Commodities’ Path, This FREE Report Illuminates It! Crisis, crisis everywhere. But objective, free from the noise of the news, forecasting of commodity prices starts here, with our free Special Report ($155 value). The geopolitical landscape is wracked. War in Ukraine, humanitarian crisis in Syria, and now, what Vox Media on October READ MORE

Mom and Pop Rushes in

Investing: What You Can Learn from Mom and Pop “The highest commitment to stocks since the record levels of early 2000” We all love Mom and Pop and cherish the valuable lessons about life they’ve given us along the way. Yet, when it comes to investing, Mom and Pop may need to learn some lessons READ MORE

Bear Market Leader

“Bear Market Leader”? Here’s a Prime Candidate This stock market sector has failed to recover since the Dow’s Q1 correction As you may know, in every bull or bear market, some stocks or sector lead while others follow. So, the “leadership” in the stock market works both ways — in uptrends and down. The rally READ MORE

Seasonal Tendencies

Stocks: Keep This in Mind About Seasonal Tendencies “In 1987 and 2000, the month of August presented a great chance to sell stocks” Many investors know that some time periods of the year tend to be more bullish for stocks, like the holiday season. Other times tend to be more bearish, like September and October. READ MORE

Insiders Selling

Pay Attention to This Group of Investors (They Know More) The stock market actions of corporate insiders is revealing It stands to reason that executives of a corporation know more about the goings-on of their business than outsiders. So, it’s wise to pay attention to their stock market actions regarding their own shares. Yes, the READ MORE

Platinum Selloff

Platinum’s May-June Selloff: When the “Fundamental” Chips Fall In May, a “record supply deficit” should’ve sent platinum prices soaring. So much for the best laid “fundamental” plans. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what value “fundamentals” serve in navigating financial markets, well… let’s just say I could’ve retired to the READ MORE

How Major Financial Trends End

Robert Prechter Interview for the Ages: Quick Takes on Big Financial Trends ‘That’s not even the craziest indicator on this chart. Look at the bottom graph.’ Robert Prechter’s June 23 interview with, which is under 15 minutes, covers a variety of financial topics. They include stocks with an emphasis on the technology sector (including READ MORE

Advisors Take Heat

Financial Advisors Take Heat for Market Losses (Will Anger Intensify?) Was 2022 an aberration for the 60/40 allocation? Many financial advisors steer clients who are willing to take some risk toward a 60% stocks / 40% bonds portfolio. Alas, investors who followed that strategy in 2022 saw the value of their portfolios decrease substantially. In READ MORE

Foreign Buyers Jump Into Stocks

Overseas Buyers Scoop Up U.S. Shares (Bullish or Bearish)? “No crowd buys stocks of other countries intelligently” The fact that investors from other countries are feverishly buying U.S. stocks might seem like a bullish sign. On the other hand, consider what Robert Prechter said in his book, Prechter’s Perspective: No crowd buys stocks of other READ MORE

Double Top in Natural Gas

Natural Gas: Here’s What Happened After a “Double Top” A key technical pattern warns of a reversal It probably won’t be a surprise to you that Elliott Wave International is an advocate of technical analysis. After all, the Elliott wave method is a form of technical analysis. You probably know that the term “technical analysis” READ MORE

Sentiment Offer Clues About What is Next

Stocks: How Sentiment Measures Offer Clues About What’s Likely Next Insights into the stock market as a fractal Elliott Wave International’s analysts track dozens of indicators, and our U.S. Short Term Update pays particular attention to those which may offer clues about the near-term. Consider this analysis from the Sept. 26 U.S. Short Term Update, READ MORE

Elliott Waves in Individual Stocks

Yes, Elliott Waves Work with Individual Stocks — Here’s How “The primary value of the Wave Principle is that it provides a context for market analysis” Elliott waves reflect the repetitive patterns of mass psychology — so they are ideally suited for analyzing the widely traded main stock indexes. On the other hand, thinly traded READ MORE